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We offer our customers any kind of custom design for the livestream of their event.

With the help of our clients’ ideas we design everything from simple overlays, challenging animated graphics and backgrounds, beautiful screen change animations up to complex virtual sets.

There are no limits to creativity.



Production is the main part of our production team.

The team manages, coordinates and puts together the livestream of your event and transmits it to the internet on the various streaming platforms.

Our producers manage the inputs of the different interfaces (commentators, observers, etc.), add overlays and animations to the stream and finally deliver a perfect e-sport ready stream.



Besides the production and design, the right observation is also very important for an exciting atmosphere during the live broadcast.

With our observer team we provide our clients with trained observers, who have the eye for the right camera movement in the most various games and always know where the next fight will take place.

Quality assurance

With every new project we want to guarantee the same or even a better quality.

Therefore we pay attention to certain criteria for every project and every little thing to guarantee an adequate and constant quality.


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